Michael Phelps: Love Triangle?


Who is Michael Phelps with? Amanda Beard? Lily Donaldson?

Yes. Ye-he-he-hes. We have been dying to write something about Michael Phelps and his glory at this Olympics but there has never been a relationship bent. We were thinking of doing something on his mom maybe how raising champions has replaced dating for single mothers. But, c'mon, that sucks, man. We were dying for an angle and we may have gotten 1, a triangle to be exact.

According to the Telegraph, Michael Phelps has been linked to both American swimmer Amanda Beard and British model Lily Donaldson. You may know Beard as the nervous teen clinging to her teddy bear at the 1996 games or as a huge animal lover as she got bare-ass for PETA and Playboy. Her event signature event is the breaststroke, of course.

Lily Donaldson is the new face of Burberry and has been seen in Dior and Dolce & Gabbana ads. She was supposedly dating the son of Vogue Paris' editor, Carine Roitfeld. So, it's a stretch, right?

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