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Mandy Moore and DJ AM: Fiery Reunion?

Mandy Moore and DJ AM: Fiery Reunion?

Former couple possibly reunites after terrifying plane crash.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.  If that’s the case, a near-death experience might be cause for a full-fledged reunion.  According to StarPulse, the shock of the near-death plane crash last week that caused severe burns to celebrity DJ, Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein, caused ex-girlfriend, actress Mandy Moore, to reconsider their breakup.  Moore reportedly rushed to the burned DJ’s side while in a hospital in Augusta, Georgia, and the two have supposedly been inseparable since his return to Los Angeles late last week, despite reports of a current girlfriend.

YourTango’s Take: Tread carefully, Mandy.  We all know how hard breakups are, and when we believe that a former object of affection might be taken from us permanently, it brings up a lot of unexplained emotions.  It’s ok to care for a former flame during a difficult time, but take some time to check in with yourself. The original break-up happened for a reason and taking time to reflect on what caused the split will help bring some perspective on an otherwise emotional reunion.


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