Shaq And Shaunie Reuniting?

Shaq And Shaunie Reuniting?

Is Shaquille O'Neal pumping the brakes on his divorce?

We-he-hell, howaaboutthat? We reported way back in the day that Shaq (AKA Shaquille O'Neal, The Diesel, The Big Aristotle, Shaq Fu, Shaq Attack, The Daddy, and Dreamboat) was splitting from his wife Shaunie O'Neal and things were looking to get vicious. He alleged that she was hiding her spending and assets.

But the Chicago Tribune is reporting that all of this is behind the couple. According to Shaunie O'Neal, the couple plans on halting the proceedings soon. There had been some rumblings about a reconciliation as of late. The 2 had been seen together at various events, functions, outings, and celebrations. And rumors, as is their habit, began swirling.

For her part, Shaunie is launching a video-sharing service with a mission to help children and kids and youngsters show off unique talents. Super. We were a little sick of having to go all the way over to YouTube to see kids show us their personalized version of The Soulja Boy. Let's hope that some wiseacres don't use the platform to chide Shaq about his poor free throw shooting.

This is a bittersweet day for us. While we love reporting about people getting back together it lessens the chance of us ever getting to write the headline, "Shaq N' Shakira Shack Up." The follow up line was going to be, "In a related story, Shakira was recently torn in half." It's OK though, we'll be fine.