LisaRaye Attacks Soon-To-Be Ex Husband

LisaRaye Attacks Soon-To-Be Ex Husband

Infidelity, home invasion, bite wounds. Michael Misick & LisaRaye's divorce.

Damn, LisaRaye McCoy got a little crazy. And not the good kind of little crazy that Seal endorses. Eurweb reports that LisaRaye confronted husband Michael Misick about his supposed infidelity with BET personality Rocsi. Details are sketchy and both parties are filing police reports against the other but we do know that each of them was treated at a local hospital for bite wounds. Damn.

Misick's party states that LisaRaye, her cousin, and publicist attacked the guard at Misick's mansion (he's the Premier of Turks and Caicos), ransacked the home, and roughed up Misick and his sister. Michael Misick didn't want LisaRaye staying at the house while she was in Turks and Caicos working on a divorce settlement. Damn.

This home invasion pretty much puts a kibosh on any sort of amicable settlement between these star-crossed loves. For her part, LisaRaye says that she had a right to enter the manse and received injuries as a result of those (Misick included) barring her way and later expelling her. She also reminds members of the press about Misick's sexual assault investigation. Damn. At least she didn't end the statement with, "In summary, Michael Misick makes me sick."

This is not going to end well, for anyone. Worst of all, it's going to probably make any head-of-state rethink the idea of marrying a celebrity. For every Sarkozy-Bruni success (at time of press) there's a McCoy-Misick mess.