Ellen. Portia. Wedding. This Weekend.

Ellen. Portia. Wedding. This Weekend.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia di Rossi are set to wed.

Dancing. Drinking. Lesbians. Hollyweird. It's safe to say that Ellen Degeneres and Portia di Rossi's wedding this weekend could be the party of the year. Ellen (yeah, she's so gellin') was, to our knowledge, the first celebrity to announce her gay California nuptials after judges in the Golden State said it was cool (not cool like the cool thing to do more like it was acceptable).

And since that announcement she's had a few GOP (shorthand for Republican) stalwarts on her show, Ellen, and shamed them a bit about gay marriage. She asked "The Maverick," John McCain, if he'd walk her down the aisle. He demurred but seemed pretty congenial about the whole thing. Later she had the "lame duck first lady," Laura Bush, on the show and things seemed pretty cool. And then Ellen stepped over the line by asking if she could use the Crawford ranch for her wedding and you could practically hear the Bushes thinking, "uh, we don't allow that sort of thing in The Lone Star State. You can do all the Californicating you want to on this coast, missy." And in the end everyone was still friends. Though we've heard next to nada from Portia di Rossi on this whole thing. Maybe she's trying to keep private things private... novel.

Us Magazine goes ahead and asks the question all of us are thinking, "Would you like to attend Ellen and Portia's wedding?" Of course, sillies, that's why we're reading! We're really glad that Ellen and Portia managed to get engaged and likely married before Rosie, nothing fun about playing caboose to that train. The real question is, will Oprah officiate? That is a good question.