Hulk Divorce Focuses On Condo

Hulk Divorce Focuses On Condo

Terry Bollea and Linda Bollea argue about a Las Vegas condo.

Another day another still-awesome action star from the 80's has their divorce held up because of real estate. You may have read that the Hoff, in his eternal glory, only recently finalized his 2006 divorce from Pamela Bach. They'd argued about resale value of their Encino home and, naturally, Hasslehoff was closer to the actual retail value.

Now up, the Hulkster and wife Linda Bollea are in a similar metaphorical boat/ court room. The St. Petersburg Times reports that the Bolleas (Hulk Hogan is known in the legal and square communities as Terry Bollea) were planning on purchasing a $4 million Las Vegas condo. Hulk Hogan would like to halt that purchase. Linda Bollea would like to proceed. Her rationale, in Hulk's words is to have "a condominium in Las Vegas to party with a 19-year-old." Hulk, the altruist, would like that money for his son (Nick Bollea, currently in the pokey on some reckless driving charges), his daughter (Brooke Hogan, currently a giant masquerading as a model/singer or something), and the young man, John Graziano, that his son severely injured in that reckless wreck.

An appraiser testified that the property has already lost value as Las Vegas real estate is sinking precipitously (in price not the desert). The Hulkster, we swear to God we're not making this up, pounded his chest at that point. We'll see how this plays out but we're wondering it the same reluctance to hassle the Hoff is preventing the legal system from having any interest in finding out "Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you?"