Olympian Kidd Dumps Girlfriend

Olympian Kidd Dumps Girlfriend
Buzz, Heartbreak

Jason Kidd has told May Anderson to take a hike, per Page Six.

American hoopster, Jason Kidd, has dumped his girlf, according to the New York Post's Page Six. Evidently, the Olympic team's top point guard was promised by his girlf that she's sort of lay low while he trained for the Olympic Games. We get it, like prize fighter abstaining from sex while their training to keep focused, jittery, and backed up.

Then he saw her all up in Page Six and had had enough. Evidently, this May Anderson of his is a friend of Page Six and general tabloid favorite Lindsay Lohan. The distraction was too much for him, so he severed ties and is concentrating on bringing home the gold medal for a cowed US team on a revenge mission.

So far, things are looking pretty good for the US hoops redemption effort. They were shocked (possibly even stunned) in the 2006 World Championships by a bunch of Grecians (thanks Dubya). According ESPN the US dismantled the Greek team in play earlier today. Kidd may not have scored any points, but he played hard and got results. We wonder if his focus is shared by the rest of the squad? There's a fun rumor-cum-scandal (heh) that some of the dudes may have investigated ancient Asian massage techniques before this Olympic tourney got underway. We hate camera phones on their and Kate Moss's behalf.

Up next for Team USA is the Spanish team who you may recall are also not great decision-makers when it comes to photography. Go USA! Eyes on the prize and whatnot. Big congratulations to tennis machine James Blake for knocking off the Swiss Robot Roger Federer.