Pam Anderson Has New Show, Arab Boyf

Pam Anderson Has New Show, Arab Boyf

E! is ready for Pamela Anderson. Are you?

According to E!Online, Pamela Anderson has a new television show on E!. This E! television program is called Pam: Girl On The Loose. And surprisingly, E! has some exclusives about the former Playboy Bunny/Baywatch lifeguard/Barb Wire portrayer.

For instance, she's likely dating an international man of mystery. Not Austin Powers. Better. A rich Arab from the United Arab Emirates. Check, manly. Check, internationally mysterious. So, the story goes that Pamela Anderson was in Abu Dhabi and they happened to meet each other. She refers to him as her Milk Sheik. Ugh. Can we go back to people pronouncing 'Sheik' as a homonym for 'chic?' It would really help to eliminate a lot of bad puns, "Hey, Prince Bandar, do you want some fries with that Sheik?"

We bet he refers to her as his Big-Breasted, Blond American DNA Receptacle. Joke's on him, though, as she is a Canadian. Speaking of homonyms, the 2 were recently seen hanging out at a gay bar in West Hollywood, so it's possible that he'll Sheik it anyway he can get it (Ugh).

Where's Tommy Lee, you ask? Aren't they back together? Hah hah, you'll just have to watch the show and see for yourself. For what it's worth, he was recently spotted with Daisy De La Hoya of Rock Of Love Season 2 (not on E!) infamy per the National Ledger. She wasn't the 1 looking for extra face time with Bret Michaels. She was the 1 that looked a lot like someone who might go on a reality show to date Bret Michaels. You probably remember her now.