Carrie Underwood Says Dating Is Hard

carrie underwood

Carrie Underwood says dating is tough. Adrian Grenier is single. Is Aniston?

The American Idol champ and country music sensation Carrie Underwood says that celebrity makes dating more difficult per People magazine. She's had a couple of high profile romances with Tony Romo (we'll get to later) and most recently Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl fame. The rub, per Carrie, is that "You never really know why somebody wants to be around you, or if they do genuinely like you." The funny thing is that 25-year old male celebrities and Corvette drivers typically don't have a huge probably with that. We guess girls mature faster or more completely, or something.

It still beats working at Target, we suppose. That would be a great question to pose to some international superstars, Would you rather: have a regular job, 40% chance of success in a relationship, and some modicum of privacy OR have a TV Show/Record Deal/Movie job, a 20% chance of success in a relationship, and the press all over your balls? Our guess is that the celebrity population and the civilian population would react similarly to that question with lower echelon stars (re: D-List Nation) being in favor of the fame and the drama.

On Tony Romo, Carrie Underwood reports that he sometimes still calls her. Aw. But she doesn't always pick up. Tee hee.

More reasons to opt for the obscurity:

It looks like Adrian Grenier broke up with some lady (Isabel Lucas) reports People. It turns out that Isabel Lucas was the gal in Shia LaBeouf's car when he had the car accident. Season whatever of Entourage is starting soon and options must remain open. Maybe this season of Entourage will feature more laugh out loud moments and Chester French and fewer hunched shoulders and what-me-worry looks from Grenier. Deaf ears these pleas fall upon.

Contact Music, who is wrong pretty frequently, reports that Jennifer Aniston split with her boyfriend. The boyf, a John Mayer, is reportedly a musician of some kind. If this is true, and we're not convinced it is by any stretch, it could fuel a renaissance in the sensitive 90's guy musical genre. We heard Vince Vaughn is still available, just sayin'.