Peaches Geldof Marries Chester French

Peaches Geldof Marries Chester French

Bob Geldof's daughter in a Vegas wedding to Matt Drummey.

Ha. Chester French isn't a person, it's a band, silly. And we're not 100% sure what a Peaches Geldof is. We do know that Reuters is reporting that half of Chester French, Matt Drummey, married this Peaches Geldoff in Las Vegas, Nevada yesterday (August 12th). The ceremony was reportedly pretty sweet.

You may know Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof as the party pants daughter of Live Aid and Live 8 founder and probably wizard Bob Geldof. Bob Geldof is also the frontman of Boomtown Rats and played Pink in the Pink Floyd film The Wall. Evidently, the Peaches Geldof overdose of late July was only a minor hiccup. Pretty sweet.

There is a mild rumor out there that this marriage is a bit of a publicity stunt. Chester French, which Drummey is surprisingly not the drummer of, is an eyelash away from superstardom. The band, co-rocked out by a dude named DA Wallach, is behind the sweet jam "She Loves Everybody," which is their only track available on iTunes. In a year, they've gone from Harvard dudes to signing to Pharrell Williams' label. Which proves that it is possible to go to a college like Harvard and make it this world. There are cynics out there that say this wedding is for publicity, something the 19-year old Peaches Geldof has ever had a wont of. Seems like a stretch. But we'll start believing it if DA Wallach marries Cameron Diaz. That would be kind of sweet, though.

If anything about this young marriage isn't strictly perfect, our guess would be that it's a couple of youngsters lost track of their hormones and got a quickie Vegas wedding. It happens. As The State will now demonstrate below. "My hormones? What about your hormones?" Sweet.