McGreevey Divorce Finally Over

McGreevey Divorce Finally Over

It looks like James McGreevey and Dina Matos both lost.

Jim McGreevey, the gay American who once admitted to being the governor of New Jersey, finally had his divorce from Dina Matos go through. And according to the Associated Press no one won. Originally, Dina Matos was offered a lump settlement of $300K but decided to play it loose and fast and go for the gold (hey, the Olympics are on TV). Anywho, it looks like Jim McGreasy (because he's sneaky) will have to pay $250 per week for support of their 6-year old daughter ($13,000 per year). He'll also part with $110,000 representing half the money he made as Gov of NJ.

We have to correct a previous statement, it looks like the lawyers won (perfect record for those dudes), as each side paid out a half million in legal fees. Judge Karen Cassidy admonished both parties for basically wasting her time with biased and sometimes perfidious claims and testimony.

The real fireworks were touched off when the court decided to include some of McGreevy's partner's income in decision. Evidently, Mark O'Donnell has a regular job where he has responsibilities and in return earns a paycheck. The gay community at-large (and in New Jersey in particular) think it's unfair that a gay couple cannot be married but can still has family assets to be considered in event of paying an ex's alimony et al. They do seem to have a point, though NJ's civil unions do provide a few of the comforts of a traditional marriage.

The 1 outstanding item is Dina Matos' fraud suit. Basically, she wants to be remunerated for all of the perks she missed out on as a result of his abdicating his position as governor of the Garden State (Braff!). There is also some crazy allegation that McGreevey defrauded Matos by pretending to be straight and fabulous. Grasping at straws. McGreevey, for his part, seems to have moved past all this and is a full-time seminary student (heh) in the Episcopal Church. Dina Matos claims this is to get out of having to pay her money. He claims that he couldn't get a regular job given his sordid past. That's a stretch. People have done lamer things and gotten jobs. Maybe a late night cable talk show? Hmm? Probably we're all better off letting him do the lord's work and having a few responsible teen manning the smoothie machine.