Anne Hathaway Wants To Love Again

anne hathaway

Anne Hathaway feels she can grow from the Raffaello Follieri mess.

Access Hollywood reports that Anne Hathaway wants to feel what love is, she wants you to show her. The fish-out-of-water actress has been not getting a whole lot of positive media attention lately. Sure, Get Smart was pretty funny and has made about $200 million at the gate so far but the ex-boyf getting arrested story has pretty much overshadowed the positive in her life. But the plucky, never-say-die actress isn't letting Raffaello Follieri's arrest get the best of her. You remember Follieri as the the Italian Zach Braff that supposedly conned some money out of some people by a number of methods including impersonating an agent of God (as Christ's vicar the Pope represents the big guy's interests on the Earth). Per her self-imposed policy, Anne Hathaway does not date costars which eliminates enough of the dating pool that an Italian grifter would stand a pretty good chance.

Our stipulation for a future paramour would be someone that would never necessitate our diary being subpoenaed by the FBI, if we were in her shoes. We've all been blinded, from time to time, by the glamour being reflected off of a shiny American Express black card. It's OK. You just have to learn from it and move on. Hathaway discusses liking her nose after wanting rhinoplasty as a younger woman. And maybe that's a metaphor for this whole crazy saga. Sometimes, even after a zany makeover montage you realize that what's important is the person that you are, sigh, on the inside. And no 2-bit mountebank can get you down when you're true to who you are, sigh, on the inside. We think Anne Hathaway is going to be, sigh, OK. She's going to be OK because she knows who she really is, sigh, on the inside.