Dave Navarro Is A Really Cool Guy

Dave Navarro Is A Really Cool Guy

Dave Navarro talks reality tv, tattoos & the pleasure is all on our end.

Dave Navarro may be best-known as the guitarist for Jane's Addition (with a touch of Red Hot Chili Peppers) but he is also well-known for the company he keeps... with the ladies. He's been married 3 times but most notably to Carmen Electra. The 2, inadvisably, starred in the improperly titled show 'Til Death Do Us Part: Carmen And Dave. They were many in a long of reality TV couples that just couldn't make it work. To memory, only the Osbournes have survived any appreciable time in the reality TV fishbowl.* According to In Touch, Dave Navarro claims that the show isn't so much to blame but the hectic pace of the follow-up work that the exposure engenders.

Wow. We like that theory. It makes it sound like a regular, old long distance relationship problem and not a celebrities-are-too-selfish-to-love-anyone-but-themselves problem. Solidus. Navarro also talks about not removing the "CE" (Carmen Electra) he has tattooed above his solar plexus. Not to sound too cloying but Dave Navarro is a cool guy. He's the kind of cool Dave Grohl aspires to be. As cool as Billy Zane? Let's not get carried away. The manscaping and guyliner somehow seem to work for him. Somewhere Jared Leto is punching a hole in a wall.

*Note: Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are still going strong (bad choice of words). But you almost get the feeling that they're largely oblivious of each other and find comfort in the hatelight, hence their success (also a poor word choice). 'Oh, I forgot you were even here. Wanna practice posing for candid photos?"