Jewel Cowboys Up. Aiken A Daddy.

Jewel Cowboys Up. Aiken A Daddy.

Jewel marries Ty Murray and Clay Aiken has a son.

It looks like folk-pop poetess Jewel has taken the advice of pop-country hillbillies Big N' Rich and decided to spare a horse and marry a cowboy. According to Contact Music (who, frankly, sometimes misses it), Jewel married her rodeo star boyf Ty Murray in a down low ceremony in the Bahamas. The couple has been dating for a 10 spot (years). She reportedly wore a traditional gown and he was kitted out in his best Wranglers, a new 10-gallon, and a crisp, white button-down (naturally).

We're wondering what the honeymoon will entail; listening to humpbacks off Hawaii or calf-roping in Argentina? Either way, we're pretty sure he's obligated to pull The Rodeo at some point during their vacation per the stipulations of the calfer's guild. The couple's engagement was not a known item which makes us wonder if there is a little colt or filly inbound. Either way, congrats dudes.

Speaking of down low, emember when Clay Aiken was rumored to have knocked up his agent or manager or something? But then it turned out that he was just the sperm donor and she got knocked up the new-fashioned way (IVF). SheKnows is reporting that that pregnancy has come to term and Jaymes Foster has birthed a baby boy (Parker Foster Aiken) at 8:08 today (8/8/08). By all measures, this baby is a miracle of science and gender-identity studies; the mother is 50 and the American Idol 2 runner-up is a really gentle guy. Maybe a David Crosby duet is in order. By the by, can we all vote to stop using the word crooner and grandfather Harry Connick Jr. in as the last person allowed to use that appellation.