Benicio Del Toro & Catherine Keener?

Benicio Del Toro & Catherine Keener?

Are these guys an item? Just friends?

According to the San Francisco Gate, actor and knee-weakener Benicio Del Toro had a nice, intimate dinner with Catherine Keener at the Green Door in LA the other night. Onlookers said that he was up in her grill in typically Del Toro steeze. He whispered something that she paid close attention to. It was probably something to the effect of, "There is a burning ember in your skirt that only the passion from my trouser hose can extinguish. It loses its charm when translated to English." Or they were just talking shop.

Catherine Keener was divorced from Dermot Mulroney at some point last year. She could use a little adventure and a little excitement, in our book. She needs to get back to the dangerous Keener like in Being John Malkovich. Maybe Synecdoche, New York* will give her a chance to. It was penned and directed by Charlie Kaufman, who also wrote Malkovich.

As for "Benny Of The Bull," he needs a little mojo back. When Javier Bardem swooped into the scene, Del Toro got a backseat, it seems. He's got the Che Guevera biopic coming up and some werewolf movie, but we need more action and anecdotes, dog. Anyone whose scene the trailer (below) for Bardem's new flick, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, knows what we're talking about.
*Note: Synecdoche is a figure of speech in which the whole is exchanged for something specific or the specific for something whole. Like referring to a car as wheels. Or calling single rapper hip hop. Fun.