To Date or Not to Date?

To Date or Not to Date?

And if not, are you just playing it safe?

If you're single but not dating right now, what are your reasons? Over on BlogHer, Liz Rizzo writes about why she stopped dating when she moved to L.A. She worried about finding someone who could deal with her unpredictable work schedule. She worried about dating while broke. She worried about uncertainty over wedding preferences, wanting kids and her unknown future.

At some point Rizzo realized that all the worries were just excuses to not to get out there and date. Someone who loves you will work with your crazy schedule -- heck, he might even like it. Inexpensive dates exist. And letting doubts about the future interfere with your life is plain silly. Rizzo writes, "none of us know what's going to happen. Things change. People change. Relationship dynamics change people. All kinds of things change people."

Dating is risky. In a way it's like asking for judgment. You have dinner with someone and maybe they'll want to see you again, but maybe not. The opposite is also true, however: you have to decide if you like the other person. There's no perfect time to date, and you'll always have questions about the future. So if you're not dating at all, maybe it's time to reassess why not.


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