Date Night Dress Code

Date Night Dress Code

Appropriate officewear vs. the sexy date dress.

In college, you receive knowing glances during the "walk of shame," when you scamper home from someone else's dorm room in the morning sun. But in the working world, you get the wink-wink-nudge-nudge when you leave your office all dolled up for a date, from colleagues used to seeing you in Ann Taylor cardigans.

Ah, yes, one of the trickiest parts of a single girl's dating life is the work-to-date outfit change: that dress which postures your cleavage just so and those uplifting kitten heels are not under "business casual" in the employee's manual!

How best to negotiate this sartorial minefield? Do you bring a cute date outfit to work and keep it rumpled up in a gym bag beneath your desk? Wear a sexy outfit and throw your thickest, lumpiest sweater over it? Or seduce (or attempt to seduce) your future husband in your cubicle-farm uniform?

One clothier is making the walk to shame just a bit easier for us vixens punching a time card.'s Work to Flirt dress promises "clever tailoring and design features" allow a versatility that's both office-appropriate and man-catching. By day you're fully-covered at the copy machine but by night you're showing some leg!



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