Sir Paul Rehashes Divorce In Lyrics

Sir Paul Rehashes Divorce In Lyrics

New song "My Soul" explores the Heather Mills era.

While it's not novel to turn personal pain into lyrics (we think the music industry is largely predicated upon this concept), for some reason we're a little surprised to see Paul McCartney doing so. We don't know if it's his perceived elegance or his slightly advanced age but we picture Sir Paul as more of a "Let It Be" kind of guy. That's why we were a little surprised to see the New York Daily News report that the former Wings frontman has at least 1 Heather Mills-related song on his next album.

The ballad "My Soul" includes such lyrics as "I want to know all your secrets. I want to walk through your fire," and "I was awakened by magic. I was alone in this world. Take me away from here." We're not sure why, but we sort of picture a Member of the Order of the British Empire to have a stiff-upper lip about some things and not turn into Alanis Morrisette after a little thing like a messy, awful, painful divorce.

Forget it, some of the best music of all time has been made by sad bastards, let it rip, Sir Paul. Coo coo ca choo, we smell comeback. Maybe a duet with Alanis Morrisette wouldn't be a bad idea. They could compare notes. This may be an opportunity to take Lorne Michaels up on that $3,000 SNL offer. That would be like $10,000 nowadays, assuming 4% inflation. That would be a hell of a payday for Ringo. Just think about it.

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