Beef Up Your Booty

Beef Up Your Booty

No matter how low some of us get, the bottom in our jeans will always be more flapjack than apple. What's a booty-less girl to do?

When heading out for a night on the town, most women know that the right undergarments the pretty outfit often make: no VPLs (visible panty lines), an increase or reduction of cleavage and, oh, a butt bra. Yes, that's right. The anatomy that a man hates to see go but loves to watch leave can be JLo'd out–no surgery required.

In David Sedaris' latest book, he mentions owning a pair of booty-enhancing shorts at one time in his life. I thought he might be pulling a James Frey until our single blogger Rajul sent me the Booty Pop Panties website. Little candy-colored cotton boy shorts with some extra bang for your buck in the back. Cute.

And then, via Buzzfeed, comes all sorts of butt-plumping contraptions about which the same terminology wouldn't necessarily apply. One looks like the type of nude-colored spandex shorts one wears after liposuction surgery, another like an odd harness made of bra straps. Of course, Frederick's of Hollywood makes one in black lace that's more sexy than surgical. See for yourself here.

Has anyone used any of these products to add the 'licious to her booty? Please tell us below.