Jenna Jameson Pregnant

Jenna Jameson Pregnant

The porn star is said to be having a baby with her UFC boyf, Tito Ortiz.

Jenna Jameson is pregnant with Tito Ortiz's baby. On the outside chance that you don't know who these 2 people are; Jenna Jameson is a world-famous porn star and Tito Ortiz is a former Ultimate Fighting Champion in the Light Heavyweight division. She's written a best-selling book about her life, How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale , and sells a line of Jenna Jameson-inspired products from footwear to ringtones to prosthetic vajayjays. Tito Ortiz was a major UFC star but hasn't won a fight since October of 2006. He's penned an autobiography called: This Is Gonna Hurt: The Life of a Mixed Martial Arts Champion .

Evidently, this baby situation is a little bit of a shocker (heh). Jameson, while only 34, has had a tough time on the conception front. She had a bout with skin cancer a while back, a miscarriage, and a terrible time with IVF. This was less than 4 years ago. So, it's great news for her. Hopefully, she'll manage to put on some pounds and get back to her fighting weight.

Since we all presume that Ortiz is the dad (and Jesus have mercy if he's not), if it's a girl, we pity the fool who will have to come by the Ortiz-Jameson house to pick princess up for the prom. The sensitive dudes over at The Superficial think that the baby will be psyched about having tons of extra space in Jenna Jameson's womb. Uh, we're pretty sure that's not how it works, even for a porn star. A better joke would have been about needing to keep her kegels clenched lest that baby fall out prematurely. It's science, guys.