Dita Von Teese & The Cream Pie Treatment

Dita Von Teese & The Cream Pie Treatment

The cabaret fetishist loves getting hit with cream pies in the face.

To tell the truth, we've never really seen the appeal in the anachronistic Dita Von Teese. We know that some people go for that throwback, cabaret look. And that there are fetishists that really dig the whole 22-inch waist thing. Frankly, it doesn't do it for us. But we're not going to say anyone, Marilyn Manson inclusive, is wrong for thinking she's sexy action cool, you know, to each his/her own. And then we came across an article on Female First that sort of changed our opinion of all that.

While discussing how much fun she's having fun being single (after divorcing Not Paul Pfieffer from The Wonder Years AKA Marilyn Manson in 2006); normal stuff like freedom, enjoying a variety of male company, sometimes spending time with Jeremy Piven, et cetera. It was fairly bland until she mentions making a fetish video for a fan. Evidently, this dude was into seeing women nailed in the face with cream pies (no, actual cream pies). She said that getting hit with an actual cream pie is "pee your pants funny, the most fun you can have sober!" We're not 100% sure what this has to do with love and relationships but anyone that can see the humor in getting douched with a (literal) cream pie in the face is alright awesome in our book. We want to party with you. Don't go changing and don't find a new dude too soon, DVT.

Speaking of peeing your pants funny and cream pies. Check out the funniest clip ever to appear on television (how's that for a build up?). And you're welcome.