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Sienna Miller Ain't Scared

sienna miller

Are Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty still going at it?

Fool us once, Sienna Miller, shame on you. Fool us 40 times, fame on you. Ugh. Does Sienna Miller have some sort of mutant powers? Don't get us wrong, we know she's a nice-looking lady, but she seems to have a power that attracts cameras. It's as if she's got some combination of photogenic, magnetic, and telepathic powers.

Anyways, Female First, is reporting that Ms. Miller (probably no relation) shared a smooch with Balthazar Getty on Sunday (Augie the 3rd) in LA. It's somewhat unclear whether or not this was before or after Getty said he was returning to his family.

We know 1 thing, the affair is not over until Sienna Miller says it's over. What can you do? It would take a serious sophisticate to have any clue how to deal with the Sienna Miller hypnotic effect. Though P-Diddy's charisma / self-absorption and Sean Penn's bellicosity / self-seriousness seemed to counter her siren song. Anyone out there know what's up with this little temptress and her billionaire lover? Are they? Aren't they? Has he reconciled with his famalamadingdong? Have at least 2 newscycles overlapped? Anyone out there ever get caught in a spell like this?

Image from: Ace Show Biz.


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