LisaRaye’s Husband Cheats With BET Host?

LisaRaye’s Husband Cheats With BET Host?

Michael Misick may have crept with BET's Rocsi.

There is a possibility that if you don't regularly read Smooth magazine that you may not know who, exactly, LisaRaye is. Well, know this, LisaRaye McCoy-Misick is an American television and film actress who was married to Michael Misick in April of 2006. She is a half sister to Da Brat. She's also starred in about 20 films including The Players Club (yay-yaaaaaay) and Beauty Shop. She also kicked as the ex-wife on the CW's All Of Us until the Cee-Dub closed that sucker down. As you can see, she is pretty famous (and hot).

Well, with fame sometimes comes trouble (or said differently, more money equals more problems, as it were). It looks like LisaRaye's husband Michael Misick who happens to be the Premier of Turks and Caicos crept on poor LisaRaye. Unfortunately, he didn't creep with some old, regular broad from the homeland but with Rocsi from BET's 106 & Park, according to Kid Kameleon. "Day-um" or "that ain't right" or"use your brain" are all appropriate responses. Rocsi (nee Raquel Roxanne Diaz) evidently was down in the Turks and Caicos for a music fest while LisaRaye was in NYC and she (Rocsi) acted like she was "the lady of the house." Ugh, the last thing that Michael Misick needed was more bad pub. Dude's under investigation for corruption by his government and sexual assault of an American friend of LisaRaye's by John Law.

We're pretty sure LisaRaye could do better than all this. She has got to be one of the blazingest 42-year old women on the Earth. Sarkozy is already married up, so she may have a hard time finding another head-of-state. Oh well, maybe she'll meet someone cool on the set of The Black Man’s Guide To Understanding Black Women.