Guy Pearce To Pass On Kids

Guy Pearce To Pass On Kids

He and wife Kate Mestitz would prefer to remain childless.

You may remember English-born, Australian-raised actor Guy Pearce from LA Confidential or Memento (like a keepsake not like a mangled version of the Spanish word for moment). According to Digital Spy, he and wife Kate Mestitz decided not to have kids because he thinks he couldn't handle the adjustment. A funny quote from the angularly faced actor on the subject, "We'd be on the news if we had kids. We'd do something horrible to them or leave them somewhere." Honest and awesome. Or is it a cop-out?

Obviously, it's up to any couple to decide that they should or shouldn't have kids. And maybe it's more difficult for people having kids later to adjust (Pearce is 41). But we never see Pearce in the tabs for drunk driving or sunbathing of the coast of St. Barth's with spider monkeys tripping on acid. We read somewhere that people without children tend to rank themselves as happier than those with them (though possibly less fulfilled, if that makes sense), so it's OK to say you just don't want to deal with the hassle, bro.

On a side note, Guy Pearce is his real name. In college we thought it was a stage name after he played a drag queen in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. We were like, "Seriously? This fella's name is 'guy pierce' and he's playing a drag queen?" He later went on to play Andy Warhol in Factory Girl and our incredulity grew exponentially. But, it looks like it's just a happy coincidence.