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Guy Ritchie’s Mom Poo-poos Divorce Talk

Guy Ritchie’s Mom Poo-poos Divorce Talk
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Maybe this Madonna - Guy Ritchie divorce talk is premature.

How about that? Rumors are their demise are greatly exaggerated. We doubt that the whole of the bloggerazzi could be that wrong. Or could they? According to Guy Ritchie's mom, Lady Amber Leighton, these divorce rumors are "TT" or "total tosh." Jesus, we hope "TT" catches on because we assume it means false and it's about time something replaces bollocks. E!Online appears to think that the divorce is still on like Tron. Sometimes Moms is the last one to know or sometimes her divorce advice is just to ignore it and everything will work itself out.

But, according to Fametastic, it looks like Guy Ritchie himself has reconciliation (or the high road in the court of public opinion) in mind. They claim that he’s throwing Madonna a lavish 50th birthday party. Or maybe he's turning the screw in relation to her hitting the half-century. Either way, if you run into either of them do not bring up the birthday or divorce, it's not in good taste. That goes double for you, paparazzi.


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