Sweden’s Drive Thru Weddings

Sweden’s Drive Thru Weddings

The Church of Sweden is trying to drum up some business.

So, Europeans (particularly native, Western Europeans) are having fewer children. As a result of not having enough children (roughly 2.4 per couple), indigenous populations there are dwindling. Things like Russia's procreation holiday must not be cutting the mustard (we know it's muster, which is funnier?). Even though it goes against Europe’s love of secularism and godlessness, some Swedes think that marriage might be worth a shot.

According to Reuters, they're trying to make that happen by throwing in something fun; a drive-thru. So you don't have to waste all day at a courthouse or a place of worship, the Church of Sweden is offering 7-minute drive-thru weddings next month. Good things always happen in 7-minute intervals; 7-minute abs, 7 minutes in Heaven, just to name a few. They should have thought about introducing this on 7/7/07. Oh well. The Church of Sweden is really progressive and good at courting new members. They were one of the first national churches to give the thumbs up to gay marriage last year.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, our favorite Swede:

Is it OK to say Swede? Do they prefer Swedish person?