No Nipple Please, We're in the U.S.

No Nipple Please, We're in the U.S.

Eva Mendes bares her breasts in a racy new Calvin Klein advert.

Have you seen the Calvin Klein ad that was banned in the United States? In the :30 spot Eva Mendes rolls around in white sheets and shows just a hint of nipple. The glimpse, which comes around the :15 mark, has been edited out of versions that will air on cable channels stateside. The uncut version will air abroad and, of course, on the internet, where you can find almost anything.

According to HuffPo, the screen siren loves it. The ban "means the ads are totally Calvin, totally provocative and a little controversial," said Mendes.

Sex sells, as they say but to whom? Will guys buy this scent for their wives, to bring home a little of the Latina lady's allure? Or will women purchase it for themselves, Eva's endorsement making them feel a little more seductive? Perhaps it'll appeal to both sexes equally, after all, scent is a powerful aphrodisiac.


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