Aussie Star Didn’t Over-Support Troops

Aussie Star Didn’t Over-Support Troops

Tania Zaetta gets apology from Aussie Defense Department.

You may remember a week or so ago that there were some allegations that Australian entertainer Tania Zaetta may have expressed her love for country physically… with soldiers… in Afghanistan. Everyone appreciates patriotism, even vigorous, hot, sweaty patriotism, but evidently a warzone barracks or the back of an armored personnel carrier is not the appropriate place to express that national pride. That being said, according to The Herald Sun, the Australian Defence Department is issuing an official apology to Tania Zaetta over these unsubstantiated claims. Evidently, they had launched an investigation based on second or third-hand innuendo about Zaetta getting frisky with some special-forces soldiers in Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan.

Officials regret the way the inquiry was handled and that her name was ever released. The Herald Sun intimates that the fiasco may have begun as a joke by fellow entertainer Angry Anderson. Which is basically the equivalent of Henry Rollins joking that Carrie Underwood probably did a bunch of troops after a USO show. And then the Pentagon getting their panties in a wad because their sarcasm detectors fizzled out as they've gotten older. Everyone knows that having sex in a desert country is the best way to get sand in your vajayjay, HJs are probably OK.