Hell. Fury. Scorned Husband?

Hell. Fury. Scorned Husband?

A cuckold has made life really difficult for a semi-famous banker.

Have you heard about this revenge-bent Aussie cuckold making the interweb his personal Gotham City? According to Gawker, a man named Tommii Cosgrove has been waging a one-man smear campaign against a top Credit Suisse banker that goes by the handle Steve Rattner. Tommii Cosgrove claims that his wifey (Kelly Cosgrove) is an escort in Merry Olde and that this banker used to visit her when in London. Per Cosgrove, Rattner offered his wife a half million bucks and other perks to drop him (Cosgrove) and cozy up to Rattner.

The other accusations are legion and include taunting Cosgrove, Rattner liking the films Pretty Woman and Indecent Proposal, being un-good-looking, something about "underworld" types, and something involving Kirsty Alley's house.

Because of these accusations (and probably not other stuff, he was a star on the rise), Rattner has left his position as the honcho of Credit Suisse's private equity arm. Gawker would have liked for Rattner to take on a more active stance in defending himself against these allegations. Essentially, Rattner only asked websites to take down this guy's kooky rants. And Gawker proposes that a libel suit or a blog would have been a better response. And finally they think that Cosgrove won because the story (1 side of it) got picked up by the New York Times.

Uh, what? As a director of a publicly traded company, admitting any culpability (beyond the affair) probably would have gotten him tossed out on his ass. Starting a blogspot page (because it's free) would have been pointless, even if he denied all allegations. And a libel suit is actually a pretty good idea, but how much are you really going to get from the husband of a hooker? And even if you do get him to cease and desist, the whole sordid deal has gotten even more attention because of the transparency of legal proceedings. On top of that, he can just go back on the whole internets and continue his reign of terror (like when Paige Davis took over Trading Spaces).

We agree that Cosgrove did earn a Pyrrhic win with the mainstream media coverage and Rattner's resignation, he should expect his prize in the mail any day now. But clearly his Google-powered ammo was a little off the mark. There are 2 Steve Rattners in Manhattan's high finance scene and the other one is friendly with Bloomberg and other Hollywood types. Easy mistake to make, we suppose. This affair went down 5 years ago and the Cosgroves last year, yet the smear campaign began only 2 months ago. Was Cosgrove training with the League Of Shadows in the meantime? We haven't seen a cuckold this mad since Richard Gere gave Olivier Martinez the snow globe treatment in Unfaithful.

Is there a lesson? Let's see, there's don't cheat. That's a good one. There's don't f*ck with an Australian guy with a screw loose. That's right up there with don't get involved in a land war in Asia. There's also fighting fire with water only works on real life fires, not metaphorical ones. We suppose that's about it. We really wish this would have happened to Brett Ratner instead. He'd have just said, "yeah, that was me, my bad dude." And made Tommii Cosgrove the name of a limp-d*cked pedophile in the next Rush Hour movie if Cosgrove persisted.