Sienna Miller Has Feelings Hurt

Sienna Miller Has Feelings Hurt
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Breakup with Balthazar Getty not expected.

What goes around... does something or other. According to Entertainmentwise, things have gone pear-shaped for the budding, illicit love of Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty. Per the article, the oil heir and erstwhile actor dropped the GI Joe starlet like a non-addictive, bad habit and is trying to rekindle things with scorned wife-y Rosetta. Too little, too late? Who knows?

What we do know (or recently read) is that Sienna Miller's feelings are pretty hurt and she's gone into seclusion at her father's home in the Virgin Islands. Sure, we didn't see this thing betwixt Getty and Miller going the distance, but we envisioned her trademark fickleness being the back-breaker/ breakup maker in this sordid little shindig. Sometimes the universe works in mysterious ways and some times human emotions get a swift, karmic kick in the ass. Our hope is that this whole affair gives everyone involved a little perspective. Sure, her home wrecking ways make our jobs as gossipmongers waaaaaay easier, but it's sort of moved into the realm of feeling bad for her toxic ass and anything she touches. We fan boys are going to be furious if this makes her GI Joe character, The Baroness, anything but a cold-hearted bitch.

We've heard that a little affair can save a marriage, with a little luck that'll be the case for Getty. Any odds on Miller trying to reconcile with Rhys Ifans?