Bachelor Not Cool With Ex Keeping Ring

Bachelor Not Cool With Ex Keeping Ring
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Who does the engagement ring really belong to?

You ever wonder what happens when engaged couples breakup? The first thing that immediately comes to mind is, "yo, who gets that ring, kid?" There are a few schools of thought (SOT) on this. The first SOT is that it's a gift and freely given gifts can't be recovered without a certain racial epithet being invoked. Second SOT, if he breaks off the engagement then the ring is forfeit. If she enacts the breakup then she has to return the ring. Third SOT, the engagement ring is a de facto contract to marry, if that contract gets broken for any reason, the ring reverts to the purchaser. The Bachelor, Matt Grant, appears to subscribe to the third SOT.

The British financier chose Shayne Lamas (daughter of cheeser, stud action star Lorenzo Lamas) in this season's The Bachelor finale. In addition to picking Shayne Llamas to be his new lady, he proposed. And she accepted. A few months later things got a little rocky. There were rumors that Lamas was getting frisky on the side with Justin Weneger and the engagement was suddenly off. Now, according to The Bosh, there is a 2.65 carat diamond plus platinum-banded engagement ring hanging in the balance.

Matt Grant says that he'd like that little ricky back. Shayne (go home!) says that she's putting that sombitch in a glass display case and that Grant was cool with it. He all but says 'au contraire, mon frere.'*

Quick Q on this thing, why would you want to keep a ring from a failed relationship? It's not, as Grant says, a TV. Its intrinsic value is that of a love symbol. Are there people out there that collect love trinkets like Universal Soldier collects ears? If so, that is 1 hatin' ass trophy room. Let's hope this doesn't make it to court like that lady that sued her fiance for the expenses of their aborted wedding.

Apropos of nothing, The Bachelor is still 0-fer in the match department; we're at 12 and counting. Would a better format help the odds? Does it even matter to viewers?

*Note: Grant didn't say this and we know what it means.