Must Love Kids

Must Love Kids
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Single moms look for love on TV.

single mom." alt="Dating a single mom." src="" />Here's a new kind of reality dating show: three single moms looking for love.

TLC's Must Love Kids stars three hot mamas -- Kristin (3 kids), Vanessa (2 kids) and Tracy (1 kid) -- hoping to fall in love. TLC sets the bachelorettes up with suitors one-on-one -- and then adds the rugrats. Will the kids like the men? Will the men like the kids? Drama ensures! Why didn't a network think of this years ago?

It's totally a great concept for a show because single parenthood is bursting. In 2005, America had 10 million single moms in 2005, up from 3 million in 1970, according to the U.S. Census. That's a lot of potential dates!

Too bad I don't have cable -- this "reality" dating show sounds a little bit more true to real life than 16 women in pagaent gowns elbowing each other for a chance with rich bachelor doctor!


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