Parents Matchmake Like Crazy

Parents Matchmake Like Crazy
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Mom and Dad want those kids married and out of the house!

We blogged earlier about Beijing senior citizens who attended marriage marts in order to find mates for their children. Looks like the Japanese are looking to do the same, reports The Calgary Herald.

A stalled economy and a posh home life is keeping adult children in their parents' homes. And the parents want them out.

Says the piece:
A government report from 2005 showed 71.5 percent of men aged 25 to 29 were unmarried, compared with 47.1 percent in 1990. For women, 32 percent from 30 to 34 years of age were single, compared with half that number in 1990.

Professor Masahiro Yamada, a family studies specialist at Chuo University, cited the uncertain economy and extended parental support as the main reasons for the decline in marriage.

Parents got fed up and began asking a matchmaker to arrange events for them to discuss issues, such as the women in their 40s (Yes, the children. Still living at home.) who expected potential husbands to provide the same lifestyle that they enjoyed out of their father's pay check. Before they knew it the get-togethers morphed into a singles scene minus the singles. Single by proxy, perhaps?

It's a tough call. I sympathize with the parents, but is dumping the kids into someone else's hands the solution? I say kick them out, even if they don't have a significant other to support them!