A-Rod Would Prefer To Stick To Prenup

A-Rod Would Prefer To Stick To Prenup

Alex Rodriguez responds to his wife's divorce petition.

TMZ got a hold of the Alex Rodriguez's response to wife Cynthia Rodriguez's divorce petition and it's not really that dramatic, frankly. A-Rod's team (legal team not the Yankees) didn't directly address infidelity allegations but rather insists that they're "immaterial." That may be for a judge to decide.

The document goes on to insist that Cynthia's prowess as a mother is strong and they acknowledge that A-Rod is up-to-the-task of paying child support. The gist, though, of the document was that his side finds the terms of the prenup to be more than fair and plan on sticking to it. Not a huge surprise. We'd like to add that we would really appreciate, as a personal favor, for everyone to please stop calling her C-Rod. A-Rod is a fairly uninspired nickname to begin with, why punish his wife and the rest of us with continuing to use this crappy nickname?

We're always a little perplexed about the whole legal-money relationship in cases like these. We're guessing that the lawyers she retained are being paid for by him (like K-Fed, also a miserable nickname). Or is legal fee reimbursment typically a spoil that goes to the victor? We hope that they settle this thing quickly and out-of-court, it's a shame that the real winners in these cases are almost always the lawyers. Except for Heather Mills (or H-Mil as no one calls her), basically everyone lost in that case.