When Nerds Breakup

When Nerds Breakup
Heartbreak, Self

Julia Allison and Charles Forman show us the right way to split.

Whoa nerds are being nerds about something. ValleyWag, the Gawker sister dedicated to the goings on of the American Tech World (here symbolized by Silicon Valley) report that the nerds are at it again. Charles Forman, the founder of Iminlikewithyou.com (a social site with gaming and video built entirely in Flash), and Julia Allison, former Star TV flack, broke up recently. No biggie, tech entrepreneurs and celebrity television correspondents sometimes just aren't meant to be together (see the breakup between Kathy Griffin and Steve Wozniak). But 1 thing that you've gotta count on from the youngsters of today is making a statement about their own superiority as part of a breakup.

For her part Julia Allison, grand mistress of web self-promotion, chose Twitter as her platform for grievance airing. Per her Twitter, Charles Forman is a "whiny bitch" and she deserves free health care. Non sequiturs aside, she may have a point, judging by Forman's performance on his revenge weapon-of-choice, YouTube. The title of his talk is "How To Date A Celebrechaun." His speech segues into "Founder Fetish." So, if you're a founder of a startup tech firm and you're dating someone that shouldn't be famous but is, then you've covered both concepts. At least there are no sour grapes.

Sure, that was an exciting breakup, we suppose, but is it as dramatic or apropos as Wiki Founder Jimbo Wales dropping Rachel Marsden by creating a Wikipedia entry about it? Or Marsden's Craigslisting of Wales's soiled clothing. Yep, ya burnt! While you're adding "celebrechaun" and "founder fetish" to your vocab, do us a favor and add famebag. It's basically a combination of fameball (a person whose fame snowballs due to undeserved media coverage) and douchebag (an individual who might earnestly talk about juicing his pecs).

We recommend that Forman studies the rules that boy billionaire Mark Zuckerberg set for dating a Facebook founder and tweak where necessary.

Photo Note: We're reasonably sure that the 2 people to the left in the photo are Julia Allison and Charles Forman.

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