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Jamie Lynn's Kid To Be Legit 1 Day Soon

OK! Magazine reports that Jamie Lynn Spears is thinking about making her baby (Maddie) not a bastard. Her fiancé is a bloke that goes by the handle Casey Aldridge and it looks as if the 2 are getting weddy ready. We're sure OK! will be there for the photos, they already paid Spears 1 million whole dollars for pics of her kid.

The plan is to have a smallish wedding at her home in Liberty, Mississippi before the end of 2008. The good news about living in the dirty south is that you can have an outdoor wedding pretty late in the year with no real weather worries. You can also be a 17-year old mother and bride without too many people judging you (out loud). We suppose you can be 17 and pregnant in some parts of Massachusetts without raising too many eyebrows also.

The weird thing is that you need to be 21 to get married in Mississippi without parental consent. Though their age of consent is 16. The Hospitality State indeed. It could be the "have your cake and don't marry it too" state. We're willing to bet that Jamie and Lynn Spears will have no problem signing Jamie Lynn over to Casey Aldridge's custody. Now if he only had an older brother to watch after Britney, she needs love y'all.

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