Brit Couple Sets Baby Record Of Sorts

Brit Couple Sets Baby Record Of Sorts

Lesbian couple each has twins on same day.

According to SkyNews, 2 women in the UK had split birth quadruplets within 22 hours of one another. Confused? Don't be. Karen Wesolowski and Martha Padgett spent 3 years and like $70,000 trying to get pregnant. The lesbian couple tried it all and finally the IVF took... for both of them.

Using Martha Padgett's eggs and donor sperm the couple decided to double their odds by both undergoing IVF. And the gamble paid off with four-of-a-kind. The couple went for their checkup and the sonograms revealed not 1 pair but 2 pair of bogeys. Then, 9 months later Martha started the action of with 2 healthy babies (Alex and Sophia), 22 hours after which Karen saw her 2 healthy babies (Andrew and Sienna) and wisely decided not to raise the stakes.

So, that's basically it. One last thing, we're all for people's right to procreate and aren't 100% what the laws are like in the UK but at some point isn't adoption worth exploring? We know that an awful lot of people prefer their 'own' kids but when the father's not involved and the genetic makeup is of only 1 spouse isn't it a stretch? Don't some orphans deserve a break, "please, sir"? We wonder if cases like this propelled conservative members of Parliament to propose the Fatherless IVF Law.