'Hose for Bros

'Hose for Bros

What's up with men in stockings?

A site called E-MANcipate has undertaken the noble goal of spreading the joys of pantyhose to the Y-chromosomed sex. Now, I love me some cross-dressers, but I can't help but giggling at e-MANcipate and their conviction that they can show off their legs "in a manly way" with kashmir, haut and schwarz colored stockings.

From their 'About us' page:


Guys could really show off their legs in a manly way, and make the fashion palette more colorful. Dressing up is fun, and men should be finally part of it, too (doubts? ask a woman!!!).


It helps to improve performance in sports or jobs related to heavy leg loads; is helps to survive long flights, keeps male legs warm during winters or cool during summers (!).


Finally an issue that has only positive sides! Men will be healthier, sexier; women will be happier, the hosiery industry will explore a new market, and the consumption-driven economy finally recovers : )

File under "Is this a joke?" alongside the "talk to me" pin and that "how not to leave a voicemail" audio.

Best of luck to you, guys. Pretty soon you'll realize everyone under the age of 30 stopped wearing pantyhose and runs around barelegged (like floozies -- hi, Grandma!) because the damn stuff just tears and snags all the time. Although if it doesn't rip, admittedly, it can feel totally sexy!

Would you date a guy who wore male pantyhose? Tell us in the comments section below!

Photo: e-MANcipate.net.


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