Self-Deprecating Humor Works

Self-Deprecating Humor Works

Hell yeah, Joel McHale. According to The Daily Mail, scientists say the best way to get a sweet, young thing back to the heezy is to clown on yourself a bit. Evidently, general cleverness is off-putting because it can be viewed as too self-promotional or pompous. Duly noted; puns, plays-on-words, et al are appreciated by an ever thinning sector of humanity; sometime known as the Dennis Miller Factor, Pliny the Younger! By the way, how close is the Dennis Miller Factor to being replaced by the Bill Maher Quotient? Sure, his references are slightly less vague but he still has his own show.

At any rate, this self-deprecating style of yuk-yuks really turns the gals on. Which makes sense, because knock-knock jokes have really been taking a back seat lately. Hopefully, irony, sarcasm, political humor, and Chuck Norris jokes will worm their way back into women's hearts.

Evidently, the best example that anyone could find of self-effacing humor was Hugh Grant's turn in Notting Hill. Yeah, the Daily Mail is an English website. And, evidently, Hugh Grant is the most self-effacing dude they've seen since Benny Hill. We would have tossed out Woody Allen or Chris Farley or even Rodney Dangerfield as the best example of self-deprecating humor as lady killer. Just to put everything in it’s proper perspective, the name of the study was "Dissing Oneself: The Sexual Attractiveness of Self-Dep-Humour." Hey, that sounds like the name of the dating book we wrote, buh dum pah. OMG, we just got the appeal of Shia LaBeouf. Wow, that's sort of a long run for a short slide. No respect.

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