Woman Sues Ex For Cancelled Wedding

Woman Sues Ex For Cancelled Wedding
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And wins, big time.

As the intro sentence to a new Tango article, "The New Breakup," states: Let's face it: Breakups suck. But let's say you get engaged and move away from your life, your friends, your job for your future husband. And then he calls off the wedding. That sucks a little bit more.

That's exactly what happened to RoseMary Shell, who appeared on the Today Show to tell her story. It really is a story of triumph.

She and her ex carried on a long distance relationship for a few years, they broke up, she got over him. Then he attempted to win her back with an engagement ring. RoseMary left her $81K a year job and relocated to live with her guy (in turn taking a $31K a year job).

A month or so after her move, her fiance expressed anxiety over getting married in the form of this is the best partal”a note he left for her in the bathroom. Say what!?! (The least he could have done was sent her a voicemail.)

She stuck around for months, but apparently it was clear that things were over. She was angry. Says the article:

"he made a promise to me and I relied on that promise and gave up a lot of things because of that promise," Shell explained.

"And I suffered significantly for it," she added. "I just felt like people shouldn't be allowed to do people that way."

Soon after, she sued. And won. $150,000 to be exact.

Who wouldn't want to be financially compensated for a failed relationship? Money is the next best thing to love, after all.