Maria Bello: Engaged?

Maria Bello: Engaged?
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Maria Bello may be kicking her spinster ways to the curb.

Back when YourTango was mostly a print magazine and not a super sweet multimedia platformitron, we did a cover story on hot tamale Maria Bello. The premise of our story was that Maria Bello, like Jane Austin, was a spinster fo' life, yo. And that she was off marrying boys for good. Maria Bello even goes as far as saying she and the other single gals need a better word for single woman (like bachelor) or, barring that, an enthusiastic reclamation of the word 'spinster.'

Our writer, Jesse Korbluth, asks if she gets nervous moments about her singledom and she replied that she took comfort in prayer, Jungian analysis, and good friends. Hurray! She's got it figured out. Good deal.

Anywho, this wonderful maverick has decide to kick her freewheeling single ways and marry her boyf over slightly over 1 year, Bryn Mooser. People reports that the 2 were recently engaged. Thanks for nothing. To be somewhat fair, this seems like something that even the most scrupulous of people flip-flop on. And throw in the capriciousness of celebrity and the acting profession and the term hypocrite is practically nonsensical (did we just make up a new word?). Let's hope that this commitment to married life is a little stronger than the commitment to swinging single days. Or not.