My Fiancè Rocks and So Do I


Fred's new Guitar Hero is Colleen.

Fred bought Guitar Hero last week. I've always thought I was pretty lucky when it came to him and video games. I've dated other guys who would spend hours with that damned controller playing NFL game day and Mortal Kombat 47 and millions of other games. Fred, until last week, owned one game. Some baseball thing. And he plays about two hours a week.

That's why, when he called me and told me he was going to get Guitar Hero, I didn't mind. I figured it would be like having a new puppy. He would forget all about the baseball game and spend his two video game hours a week with the new toy. But I was a little surprised when he came home early from work in order to play it. Fred never comes home early from work.

A little voice in my head reminded me of my favorite line from the movie Prime with Uma Thurman. She wants to buy her much-younger boyfriend a Play Station and her friend says to her "You like having sex? Don't buy him a Play Station."

I watched in horror as Fred ripped open the box and began an afternoon jam session with Guitar Hero. (On a side note, I have to say that it's kind of hot to watch him play that plastic guitar. I've always had a thing for musicians, and in my defense Fred plays the real guitar, too. I'm not just turned on by computer game nerds.)

Visions of our relationship turning into him being glued in front of the TV 24/seven and me being the nagging wife who never gets laid were running through my mind.

"You wanna give it a try?" he asked me after playing a few songs.

"Sure," I said. My hand/eye coordination is terrible so I figured I would hate it, but as soon as the first few notes of "I Love Rock n' Roll" came across the screen, I was addicted. No wonder he came home early from work! We played, switching off until dinner time and that night as I was laying in bed, I was secretly playing the Weezer song in my head. It had been a doozy.

The next day, Fred called me in the afternoon. I had a big assignment due and he was checking to see how it was going.

"What’s that noise?" he asked me.


"Are you playing Guitar Hero?"

"Yeah. I’m just taking a break," I said, defensively.

Fred started laughing. "I've created a monster."