Rebecca Romijn... And Twins!

Rebecca Romijn... And Twins!

Jerry O'Connell proves, once again, that he's the man.

According to the news, Rebecca Romijn and husband Jerry O'Connell are expecting twins. And not just any twins, but twins made from their joined DNA that will gestate in Romijn's uterus. Great news and Modern Mom reports that this will be the first child for both of them. Bra-effing-vo, O'Connell. Well done, sir.

To be perfectly transparent about this, we were honestly a little shocked when we heard that Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell were dating. And further shocked when they got married (it was a warm afternoon as we recall, but was it a cool day in Hell?). And we're not hating on JOC. We think he's pretty awesome. The movie Buying The Cow, with O'Connell and Ryan Reynolds, is 1 of the finest piece of direct-to-video work ever crafted. We heard a Sliders joke the other day that almost made us pee our pants. And he's tall and pretty good-looking, it's not like he's got whatever weird powers that Jeremy Piven and David Spade seem to have (that would be a fun club to join). It's just that coming off the John Stamos situation we figured she had a type and was bound for the same strange orbit that Heather Locklear and Denise Richards circle. And we're glad she didn't jinx it by throwing in a hyphen plus "O'Connell" yet.

But, no, she did a 180 on us and found a nice guy. A nice guy who really should be a bigger star than he is, even if it's exclusively on the small screen. We're going to give his new show Do Not Disturb a chance. But we're really hoping that he reprises his role in My Secret Identity, super heroes are so hot right now. We wonder when the IVF rumors are going to start flying. Romijn will be 36 later this year and nobody wants to believe in long odds anymore (see Brangelina rumors).