NY Subway Romance Is Over

NY Subway Romance Is Over

The fairytale just wasn't meant to be.

This has nothing to do with New York's 2 impending fare hikes, this is about that guy that saw that girl on the subway, started a website, and found her in only 2 days. The young man, Patrick Moberg, scoped out Camille Hayton on a train into Brooklyn (naturally) and couldn't quite work up the nerve to speak to her, so he created a city-wide manhunt for her by drawing her picture with crayons and describing the whole near-encounter online. In less than 2 days he'd found her because, if nothing else, New Yorkers love romance and goofy missed connections. So, with the help of The Morning Show With Mike And Juliet on Fox he found his quarry, an Australian immigrant intern whose home just burned down. Inauspicious start? Maybe. Foundation for a fairytale? Surely. There were rumors that the whole thing was a way to virally promote the company that employed Patrick Moberg (video-sharer Vimeo.com). But we just figured he was using the tools he had at his possession, like a psychic would just use his mental powers and the kid who plays Harry Potter would just use the media.

But all is no longer well in the Kingdom of Far-Far Way, according to Reuters, the couple has split… months ago. Camille Hayton says the whirlwind romance "bonded us in a way that you could mistake, I guess, for being more romantic than it was. I don't know. But I wanted to give it a go so I didn't wonder what if, what if?" Way to live life to the fullest, old girl. The article concludes by mentioning that they're friends and she's taking on action roles: As The World Turns and the Sex And The City film.

Damn, was this whole thing a put-on by 1 or the other of them? Either way, brilliantly done. We're absolutely floored that there haven't been any major copycats of either the genuine or put-on variety. We don't even think that Saturday Night Live mocked this. Now that was a wasted opportunity. We can probably count on How I Met Your Mother or Rules Of Engagement using this as a storyline after we've kind of forgotten about it.