Botox Bridesmaids

Botox Bridesmaids
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Always a bridesmaid, never a wrinkle-face.

A bridesmaid's work is never done: buy a $400 aubergine cocktail dress you'll never be able to wear again, get the bride drunk at the bachelorette party, make nice with her creepy uncle groomsman and...inject botulism into your face?

Cosmetic fixer-uppers like Botox, for wrinkles, and Restylane, to plump up lips a la Jessica Simpson, are a new bridezilla mandate, says a New York Times piece picked up by our friends, They say:

"I can understand a bride wanting everything to be perfect on her wedding day, but perfect to me means showing loved ones as themselves. The bride has the right to choose the bridesmaids' dress, but she has no right to demand cosmetic enhancements. Why risk a friendship over a wrinkle, an acne scar or sun damage?"

True dat! And those shots are expensive, too! says shots average about $350. That has to be one deep-pocketed couple if they're willing to order up Botox for a gaggle of four, five, even six bridesmaids. Imagine being asked to pony up that cash yourself! Heck, no!


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