Mariah Carey: Mariah's Marriage Fine

Mariah Carey: Mariah's Marriage Fine

Mariah Carey refutes rocky relationship rumors.

Whew. What a relief. According to Digital Spy, Mariah Carey says that all of these relationship death watches for her marriage to Nick Cannon are unfounded. That's really all we needed. No rocky relationship here. Dang, there's still like 3 or 4 hours before go-home time today. Uh, we heard that Nick Cannon has been spending a bunch of money lately. According to, he's been spending plenty of gwop (or money) to look like he's not a gold digger (gigolo). So, that seems like something that could 1 day be a problem. Uh, lots of couples argue about money. We've heard that financial issues are the number 1 reason that couples fight. Yeah, we got nothing. Um, Nick's movie, American Son, is premiering at a Latino film festival this week. Oh, oh, MSNBC says that Mariah wants Nick to get a regular job. Ha! That sounds like a sore spot.

Forget it. Who are we kidding? We want these 2 to make it and prove all the haters wrong, ya'll. So, Nick just needs to get a regular job, cool out on the overcompensation spending, and just kick it the next 60 long years, or so, with the world's most glamorous woman. Yep, just relax and let the years roll in and out like wave, a la Otis Redding on the dock of the bay.