The new metrosexual?

He'll seduce with his dicing skills? Yes, the new breed of man works wonders with a whisk. "Gastrosexuals," professional chefs and amateurs alike, are turning women on, according to The Daily Mail. The stats:

According to the study by food company PurAsia 48 per cent of people say being able to cook makes a person more attractive to them and 23 per cent of 18-34 year old men say they cook to potentially seduce a partner.

The report also shows 60 per cent of British men now regularly cook for friends and family, favoring complicated foreign dishes over traditional British food.

Many women now believe men are actually better cooks than them. According to the research a fifth of women say their partner is a better cook than them. This rises to a quarter in women under the age of 34.

Granted this is England, which spawned culinary sensations such as Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver, but I can think of a few men in my own life who love the kitchen (unfortunately, not my dear husband).

I know I bemoaned Date My Ex earlier this week, but one of the hopeful contestants did try to woo Jo with a personal cooking lesson. And Top Chef crowned its first female winner only this season. The past three were men. Thinking back, all three were tres magnifique. (My favorite? Sam.)

Chef Ramsey? Love that potty mouth. Jamie Oliver? Yeah, he can make cracking an egg a little bit sexy. But the term "gastrosexual"? A serious turn-off. Could they think of something more appealing? What would you call them? Tell us below.