Is Sean Combs Engaged?

Is Sean Combs Engaged?

Star Magazine says Diddy and Cassie are secretly engaged.

Holy cripes, can this be true? Star Magazine is reporting that Diddy is secretly engaged to Cassie. Cassie is the nom de plum of Cassandra Ventura a 22-year old R&B singer. We were always under the impression that the Kim Porter thing went south because Sean Combs wasn't really willing to commit. That's got to be a bummer, but it sort of makes this story a little unbelievable, so we went against all lazy columnist principals and found a second source.

And sure as shynola, People is reporting that Puff Daddy's reps are categorically denying this engagement. Cassie even went so far as to say, "We are not together, but we are definitely friends." Crap, a statement like that makes us think that they are engaged. We blame Beyonce and Jay-Z for his weird evasion to obvious and only slightly invasive questions.

We heard an awful rumor that American Media (an individual corporation, not American media in general) is not making much money. American Media owns Star and The National Enquirer. And this is the 3rd outrageous headline they've had in the last few days, the others were about the John Edwards affair/love child and Matthew Broderick's philandering. Have the stops been pulled out? Are straws being grasped at? Maybe their sources are just that much better than everyone else’s. But we would feel much better if there was some substantiation or follow up on someone's part.