Dating An Only Child

Dating An Only Child

Awesome question from the Daily Bedpost. Would you date an only child? There are clearly reasons to steer clear of the single child: solipsism, mom issues (or dad issues), socialization difficulties, reliance on television/imaginary friends for company, skewed POV, no experience with sharing a room/clothes/affection, pressure to have children now… basically a lot of stuff that home schooled kids go through just without the spelling bee dominance.

On the other side; inheritance. You might get some pretty good birthday and Christmas gifts too. We are assuming that people with only 1 kid are probably rich. But you can mostly avoid sibling rivalry without the, um, siblings.

We'd like to qualify this by saying that adults shouldn't date children, we assume they mean grown only children. Head to the Daily Bedpost to answer this impertinent Q. But we would love to hear your thoughts below...

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