SJP Married Ferris Bueller?

SJP Married Ferris Bueller?

Matthew Broderick married Sarah Jessica Parker. Weird, right?

This is probably old news to most of you but it looks like Matthew Broderick married Sarah Jessica Parker (the leader of the Sex And The City quartet). Yeah, shocking. The 2 have been together since the fall of 1997. They even seem to have a kid. On top of that, Broderick was once engaged to his Ferris Bueller's Day Off co-star Jennifer Grey. She played his sister Jean (Shawna) which invokes our queasiness about post-film, off-screen incest. Next we're going to learn that he and Ed Rooney are old golfing buddies.

We're not sure what to be more shocked that SJP would marry a down-to-Earth dude like Broderick or if too-cool-for-school Ferris Bueller would marry a diva like Carrie Bradshaw when he's already got Sloane Peterson.

Oh, and Star Magazine, via iVillage, is reporting that Matthew Broderick has some kind of affair or something with a 25-year old ginger. iVillage is surprised that it was a woman, we're surprised by the whole chain of events that lead us to this sad state of affairs.

Do you buy into this Matthew Broderick cheating hullabaloo? Seems dubious.